Jeff Bezos embraces a simple rule for his effective management style

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Understanding the scope of a task will help make you a better project manager

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You can’t argue with facts. Amazon is one of the most valuable public companies, with Jeff Bezos being one of the richest men in the world. Undoubtedly there are many factors that contribute to this success. The “Everything Store” has always prided itself on its customer service, but behind the scenes there is more going on. There is a fine-tuned operation that needs to run smoothly, and someone or a team of someones to make sure it stays that way — a task that befalls a project manager.

Bezos has his own ideologies of what makes for a quality team. He uses the word “scope,” which in project management terms means, “The details of what’s involved in a job, along with the amount of time and effort it takes to complete it.” Understanding the scope of any task helps to keep you and the team motivated, ensures that the task is done well to completion, unites a team to a common goal, helps to reduce stress and keeps things on track and moving forward.

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Of course, knowing this and being able to enact it can be two very different things. As the manager in charge you must rely upon your ability to lead, manage and communicate well, and then apply your strong analytical skills, your proficiency in handling data, and your  knowledge of project management software and coding to the task at hand… and in Bezos’s words, “Define the scope.”

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