The Best Heavy-Lifting Workouts to Blow off Steam

The gym can’t replace therapy, but it’s a damn good release when you’re dealing with a tough day at the office or a stressful family affair. Running can be meditative and yoga can be relaxing, but if you need to blow off steam, you need to lift—and lift heavy.

a man standing on a sidewalk: Rage Workouts

© Marius Bugge (left), Andrew Cutraro
Rage Workouts


When your temper is high and you’re frustrated beyond belief, throwing some weight around is an incomparable release. Here are four heavy-lifting routines to help you blow off steam.

Anger Management: Best Heavy-Lifting Workouts to Blow off Steam

Workout 1: Locomotion

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‘Delta’ hysteria another blow to previously flattened smaller companies

We’re in a frenzy — yet again. And modest firms are poised to suffer for our panic — yet again.

The Delta variant is circulating, instances are up. But with a few vaccines on the industry, and almost 60 p.c of suitable Us citizens completely vaccinated, the photo is significantly brighter than the breathless headlines would have us all believe that.

COVID hospitalizations and fatalities keep on being lower. So-named breakthrough cases among the the vaxxed, endlessly hyped by the blue-examine media, account for a small over 1 percent of infections and .8 percent of fatalities.

In quick, we have

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